Coaching presencial

Coaching presencial en Barcelona


  • 50€/session
  • 450€/pack 10 sessions

Time: 50 min

Sesion Online

Sesiones de coaching online


  • 45€/session
  • 400€/pack 10 sessions

Time: 50 min

Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or phone call.

Objectivos de coaching

Coaching goals

Exploring yourself
Defining clear targets
Planing the growth of the personality
Understanding the steps of changing
Improving relationships
Increasing the motivation
Solutioning inner conflicts
Living in harmony with the Universe

About me


    I am Gratian Cormos, personal and professional coach. I dedicate my time to help people reaching their goals through change and continue development.

    My grade in coaching: New Skills Academy, United States.

    I do coaching sessions in Spanish, English and Romanian. I speak as well German and French.

    I graduated as well Journalism, Master and PhD. Between 2009-2018 I coordinated “The Scientific Journal of Humanistic Studies”, where were published academic articles from different countries.

    From October 2018 I am managing the website, where we propose an original analisis about the European basketball.

    During the last years, my interest for understanding the human being grew constantly and in the end I decided to dedicate myself to the job of coaching in Barcelona and online.


Gratian Cormos

Adress: Centre Sagrada Familia, Sardenya Street, no. 326, entresuelo 3, BARCELONA

(+34) 612414486


You are very lucky: next to my office there is a lot of car parking, the metro station Sagrada Familia and in front of the building bike parking.